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Lockable Gas Springs ( Ideal - Block )

Lockable gas springs have the mechanism that enables the piston rod to be locked at any position in its stroke. This mechanism is triggered by a plunger that is linked with the rod. When this plunger is pressed the rod becomes free to operate as compression gas springs. When plunger is released at any point in the stroke, the rod is locked in that position.

The Internal Design of the lockable gas springs consist of components such as piston rod, piston valve, cylinders, guides, seals etc. Inside Pressure is generated by gas(nitrogen) and oil inside the cylinder. These Gas Springs are applicable for Lockable Gas Springs, Gas Spring For Hospital Beds, Hospital Furniture, Dentist Chairs, Operation Tables, Labour Tables, Emergency Casualty Trolleys, Passenger Seats, Wheel Chairs.

Lockable Gas Spring For Hospital BedsLockable Gas Spring For Hospital Beds
Lockable Gas Springs For Hospital Furniture Examination Couch Back RestLockable Gas Springs For Hospital Examination Couch Back Rest
Gas Springs For Hospital Furniture Overbed TablesGas Springs For Hospital Furniture Overbed Tables
Lockable Gas Springs For Hospital Furniture Emergency Recovery TrolleyLockable Gas Springs For Hospital Emergency Recovery Trolley
Lockable Gas Spring For Dentist ChairsLockable Gas Spring For Dentist Chairs
Lockable Gas Spring For Operation TablesLockable Gas Spring For Operation Tables
Lockable Gas Spring For Labour TablesLockable Gas Spring For Labour Tables
Lockable Gas Spring For Hospital Furniture Labour TablesLockable Gas Spring For Hospital Furniture Labour Tables
Lockable Gas Spring For Emergency Casualty TrolleysLockable Gas Spring For Emergency Casualty Trolleys
Lockable Gas Spring For Passenger SeatsLockable Gas Spring For Passenger Seats
Lockable Gas Spring For Wheel ChairsLockable Gas Spring For Wheel Chairs
Segments Application


Rear Hatch (Dickey), Bonnet
Furniture Overhead lofts, Cabinets, beds, Ventilators
Auto Bus Body Building Luggage Compartment, Engine Flap, Roof top Ventilators, Spl. Mobile Van
Textile Machines Opening Machine Doors
Generator Canopies Canopy flap opening
Control Panels
Machine Tool Covers
Doors of various control panel
Doors of oil filtration units, EDM wire cut machine flap, Blood analyser, Flaps of various machines
Hospital Furniture Various beds, Opration tables, Bed side trolley, Lamps

Garbage Chutes & systems

Garbage chutes & Garbage handling collection of garbage from multi story building.
Counter balancer

Various equipments like tapping machine arms, ENT Microscope, Overhead hospital lamps, CNC machine arms.

Dairy Equipments Flaps of Milk Chilling Plants
Metro rail Application Control Panels
Construction Equipments Lifting Doors of enclosed cabinets
Material handling Equipments For Standing platform, For Handle.
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EXT Length (mm) Stroke (mm) Force (N) (F1) Standard Strokes
Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
1028 177.0 650.0 25.0 250.0 200.0 850.0 45, 60, 120

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Bus Seat Applications
Hospital Furniture Applications

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ideal-block-diagramIdeal Block Diagram