How does a Chair Gas spring Work ?

  • A friction clamp to hold the piston's rod in a set position is the height selector.
  • A soft spring gives a bit of cushion when a person sits on the chair. ...
  • Basically, the gas cylinder and piston give it a low resistance spin and allows
  • it to spin infinitely in any direction because it is all resting on the piston.

Application of IDEAL-HEIGHT

IDEAL-HEIGHT are used in a variety of industrial applications. Some of the most popular among these are as follows -

1) Swivel Chairs for efficient and infinite adjustment
2) Industrial chairs and stools for ergonomic seating in the industry.
3) Dental stools, Work tables, and Beauty Parlor & Ophthalmic Chairs.
4) Driver seats for buses, tractors and construction equipments.

IDEAL HEIGHT Chair Gas spring


Revolving Office Chair
Revolving Office Chair

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IDEAL HEIGHT Chair Gas spring : *
80 MM stroke chair gas spring
100 MM stroke chair gas spring
125 MM stroke chair gas spring

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